New Truely Feminine Realistic Silicone Mask


New Truely Feminine Realistic Silicone Mask

Experience the ultimate transformation with our exclusive Realistic Female Silicone Mask

The perfect choice for achieving an authentic and captivating female look and female disguise. Ideal for covering over  beards and moustaches.

Handmade Super soft silicone, lifelike material allowing for a comfortable fit, while providing the ideal canvas for your makeup, allowing you to express your unique femininity and style effortlessly.

So go ahead explore and embody your desired female image.

This masks come open eyes, open mouth, ears and sewn in eyebrows. Meticulously crafted providing durability, while , ensuring they remain beautiful and functional throughout countless transformations. Discover the transformative power of our female masks, embody your femininity, and embrace your true identity.

Step into a world of female disguise empowerment and limitless self-expression. Supplied without a wig. See our choice of high quality wigs which will fit perfectly with this mask. 


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