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Incredibly enhancing and shaping your own feminisation by sculpting and gently contouring your feminine curves. While developing and stimulating internal collagen production of extra fatty tissue and softer smoother layers. This New Ultimate X-press ADVANCED hypoallergenic transdermal cream is to be used once a day, topically massaged gently in a circular motion over your buttocks/gluteus muscles, preferably before sleeping, leaving no residue or scent. 
"I been using this product for about a month now and have definitely noticed some changes in my butt, combined this product with some glutes exercises and Anti-Androgen, you will have a feminine bottom in no time. Thank you for offering such a great service."
 Matthew From Norwich
Develop the female body shape you've always wanted with our Ultimate Advanced body-shaping cream. A supercharged cream that works to develop curves in all the right places.

ADVANCED complex blends of Oestrogen/Estrogen supercharged carrier creams. Recommended to boost the extra contours and sculpting for your hourglass female body shaping.
"I'm getting curves ! Real Curves. I'm so happy"
Luciana From Italy 
Ultimate Gold Intense Oestrogen Bottom Sculpting Gel. What defines a female more than a more rounded and fulsome bottom. Use this transdermal gel as part of your transgender hormone therapy treatment course. With this powerful Intense Oestrogen gel, massaged daily into your bottom and buttocks you can replicate those essential female contours.
"I use this morning and night and can see the results already. My bum is looking really feminine and peachy !"
Susan From Leeds

RRP £129

Ultimate Gold Intense Oestrogen Hourglass Bodyshaping Gel. Every woman in the world wants an Hourglass figure as it is this shape that’s defines femininity and sexuality. Boys and Girls pre-puberty have similar body shapes. But as part of your transgender hormone thearpy treatment, when Oestrogen is released into the body it makes for an extraordinary male to female transformation difference as subcutaneous fat develops forming that female Hourglass Bodyshape.
"It's great I have long been using it thank you."
Derek From Lowestoft

RRP £129

Get that feminine hourglass body shape with our Triple Strength Hourglass Female Body Shaping Cream. Containing triple strength levels of oestrogen this transgender hormone cream will give you the hourglass figure you've always wanted.

"Very good product and service to👍😀😀"

Eileen From Australia

RRP £99