No matter what your age, appearance or anything else you can effect a convincing male to female transformation and over 31 years I have helped many thousands do so either as a convincing crossdresser who passes without a second glance to T-Girls who seek a more permanent male to female transition and wish as I did to live permanently as a woman I have been a post-op transsexual for 35 years so not only can I advise you for free but I can teach you the 'secret tips & shortcuts' that I have personally used. Only someone who has actually lived the feminine dream can truly advise you in every minute details Most T-Girls don't want to look like a guy in drag and effect a falsetto voice that will just make you sound 'camp' If you want to look and feel like a glamorous confident sexually attractive REAL woman then there is nobody in the world who is in a better position to help you achieve this. At you can access for FREE our vast collection of resource material, FAQ's, life stories and even download my own autobiography. As a not-for-profit organisation products represent just a tiny part of our website. (All of our products carry our You can rest assured that when you register with us your details are held in an off-line database so that no-one can ever 'hack' into it. We do not share or rent customers details with anyone which is why since 1984 Transformation has built a reputation of confidential crossdressing expertise. Every week I add a new blog which forms part of our online archive material but if you can't wait over many years we have added to the resource section and FAQ's that you can get the answer to just about any related question you care to ask. If you want a confidential chat with ones of our girls then that is also a free option. We are based in the UK and are available for live chat from 9am -5pm weekdays (GMT) If you live in another time zone or the times are not convenient then all you have to do is email us and we will respond to you personally on the next working day. Doctor Temperli is a leading world endocrinology (hormone) specialist and I have the real long life practical experience so together we can give you the best advice and support and all for free You can live your feminine dream, pass convincingly with expert tuition on makeup, dress, deportment, speech and so much more and unlike any other source IT'S ALL FOR FREE If you search the web you will find many others, even genetic females trying to sell you advice with slick videos and seductive marketing. JUST ASK YOURSELF WHY PAY WHEN YOU CAN GET IT ALL FOR FREE FROM THE WORLD'S LEADING CROSSDRESSING EXPERTS????? With very best wishes from your T-Girl sister Stephanie Transsexual Founder of Transformation Cross dressing experts since 1984