Nervously, he kept checking his watch – was it time yet? He was checking nearly every minute. Reminded that he was in lingerie with every little move he would make while listening to his supervisor give a presentation on the latest upgrade in the business servers, blah-blah. The smooth thigh high stockings and the garter snaps gripped his legs, making them tingle every time he moved in his chair. In addition, the lacy panties he had on were so much more snug than his normal boxer briefs. It took all his concentration to keep his cock from going stiff. The pleasure of wearing and the torture of keeping it a secret mixed to make him turned on yet unable to act.


Finally, it was time. He had met this guy online and they had chatted a bunch. Some innocent chat at first – nothing more than sharing some experience of being a man that liked to wear lingerie. Over time, it became more and more sexual. Discussion of fantasies became common, to the point where they were both getting turned on.


Nearly a week prior, it finally happened. They both had grown to hot to keep it to themselves anymore, they wanted to meet and all it took was one of them to muster the guts to ask. The plan was simple, meet near a motel to talk and see if they were real about what they had said about what they look like and what their intentions were. If it all seemed good, perhaps they could get a room and play.


These are guys that fly under the radar. Masculine men that enjoy wearing. Likely, they both started as teens with mom’s things – or sisters. Perhaps they were invited to play dress up with an older sister or mom needed someone to wear something she was trying to sew together. Regardless, these men liked wearing the lingerie that they saw sexy women in porno magazines wear and it turned them on. They not only wanted women in it, they wanted to wear it too.


When a man starts wearing – he finds that it’s amazing how soft it feels. How inherently sexy it all feels – and how hot it looks to see it in the mirror. The fantasies grow over time from wanting women to looking for those that accept the fact that they wear. Invariably, they move on to men like them and connect via the internet. The kindred souls they meet share similar stories and can identify with the fetish they’ve developed. It’s only natural that some gay sexual desires grow for these men – the oddest part is that it only seems to be present when lingerie is on. When not dressed, these men wouldn’t look twice at another guy. Put a cock in panties, and they can’t resist looking!


The hardest part for all of these men is that they are typically married, family men. Men that haven’t screwed around before, men that are loving and don’t want a divorce or separation of any kind. They just want someone to share the fetish with, and if the wife is not into it, then they will simply bury the feelings until they cannot be ignored.


Today was his day. He walked out of the office right on his schedule. It was nearly lunch time and it would be easy to get out of the office for a few hours, claiming lunch and a meeting with a client. The entire drive seemed like a blur as his mind raced – today he would meet a friend. This person had shared intimate desires with him on the web, would the same happen when they met?


The motel was a typical budget type place. Not a chain, but not a total dive either. His heart raced as he closed the door to his car and locked it. Looking around as if he thought someone he knew might recognize him, though it was a remote possibility. Stepping into the lobby, he saw him right away. Nearly exactly what he thought of when he had the description. Nervous and nearly shaking, he approached and was met with a similarly excited but nervous person.


The chit chat was superficial. At best, it was a verbal confirmation that each was not a crazy person who intended to do anything that was not on the up and up.


Within moments, one asked if they should get a room. It was agreed and they made their way to the room they had ordered. Both men played it cool but were nervous. The door to the room opened and they entered. Locking it and leaving the outside world behind them – entering a fantasy world that had only existed online for so very long.


They weren’t gay, kissing and making out was not part of the agreement. Instead, they continued to talk for a few moments before one finally volunteered to undress a little to make the situation lighter. As if it was a fantasy, he removed his clothes so his now real friend could watch him go from masculine guy to panty wearer. For the first time in his life, his secret was out; here he stood in a pair of panties, garter, stockings and cami top. His friend smiled and commented that he had no idea that he was wearing – it was amazing. Their cocks both swelled right away, lust was taking over.


The other was quick to follow and soon they stood facing one another, two men in almost matching lingerie. Following a long pause where they looked at each other, the two embraced. The feel of man on man, covered in sheer lingerie was amazing. The heat of a body that was strong, yet dressed femme was a rush. The awkward feel of a hard cock pressing back was a first for both. They breathed deep as they turned and hugged, each resting a chin on the other’s shoulder. Bodies held close and panties now rubbing together as two gave into the feelings they had hidden for so long.


Instinct took over, hands rubbed down and around, grabbing behinds in panties. Legs rubbed, although now it was legs that both wore hose, causing an exciting friction. Small gasps and moans began to rise as they felt new pleasure. Both men started moving together, grinding on each other in a slow sexual motion.


One kissed the other’s shoulder. The tingle moved like a shock wave through the other. Both men kissed the other’s shoulders – not out of bounds by what they had discussed prior to meeting – kissing on the lips was not going to happen unless something was changed.


After what seemed like an eternity, one broke the embrace and faced his new friend. His hands on the others hips, he asked if he could touch him. A smile was all he needed in response as his hands rubbed the front of the others panties. Groaning, he closed his eyes as he felt a strong male hand feel his cock. Rub it. Caress it. Squeeze it. Both men felt hotter from this fondling.


His cock was so hard and all of these sensations made him want more. Being felt up by a stranger was not on his mind, getting off was. His new friend could sense this as well – and passion overtook any caution that had occupied them to this point. Silently, he slid to his knees, as if on automatic pilot his body assumed the role of pleasure giver.


Looking at his new friend sinking to his knees made him shiver with anticipation. Watching his cock emerge from the panties and move closer and closer to this stranger’s mouth. Open, wanting and hungry, this mouth had never attempted such a thing and now there were no second thoughts – it was happening right at this moment. Time stood still as he watched his cock enter this cherry mouth. As the sensations caught him, he let out a deep moan – the pleasure of a warm, wet mouth on his cock was something he had long gone without from his wife. Add in the fact that it was with a fellow lingerie wearer and the sensations were even greater.


His knees shook from the pleasure he was receiving both physically and visually. The sight of this man in panties now wantonly sucking on his cock overtook his personality and he found his hands making the way to the back of his friends head. Not in a show of force but in a gentle instruction, he helped this man suck him at a pace and to a depth that gave him the most pleasure.


For a novice, this man was doing very well. He was able to take most of the cock in his mouth, gagging slightly when it reached the sensitive part of his throat. Quickly though, he figured out how far to go and how to apply pressure with his lips and tongue to this cock. It felt so good and natural to do this he could only thing about how hot the sounds of the moans from his friend made him want to do more to get him off. His own cock was rock hard in his panties. Using his hands to heighten the experience by playing with the balls that hung low and grip the one of the nylon clad thighs.


It was not meant to last long. First time, white hot passion was too much to make it a long lasting experience. He found that his cock was too eager to reward this novice cocksucker. He couldn’t speak, only moans of pleasure as he felt his orgasm grow and build until he couldn’t hold back. It was time to consummate this new found relationship.


Kneeling and sucking a cock was not what he had expected to do but desire had drawn him to this point where he was now in lingerie with a stranger and sucking on a hard cock in a hotel room. Not only was he doing this willingly but he was completely turned on as he sucked a cock with hands on his head – encouraging him to play the role of a sissy cocksucker. He felt the cock in his mouth become steely hard – he felt the legs of his friend grow tense; it was time for the orgasm.


This cock exploded in his mouth. A torrent of cum shot with enough force to flow straight down his throat. A loud moan filled the room as the cock shot over and over. He did his best to swallow the cum as it was given to him. It felt so natural, so right to suck on a cock and make it cum – swallowing the reward.


Looking down, he watched as his cock throbbed and shot hot cum. This man kneeling before him sucked on it with intent to keep it all. He groaned each time his cum spurted, finally letting out a long groan as he was spent.


Savoring this flavor of cum straight from another’s cock, he continued sucking. The cock in his mouth was still hard, yet spent of its load.


Both men relaxed as the passion and desire subsided for the first time they had been together. Stepping back, he looked down to see something that he found incredibly sexy, a man who had just sucked him off in lingerie. They smiled as they looked at one another – silently agreeing that what they had just done was fully consensual.


Licking his lips – he told his lover how hot it was to suck and how good it felt.


Surprised by his desire, he offered to return the favor. He had never thought of doing something like this up until this moment.


But he was giving in to desire the entire day and was afraid of letting the opportunity pass him by.


Motioning for his friend to stand he pointed to the bed and asked the other to sit. Following the instruction, he rose and sat on the bed. Watching as the other knelt between his legs. Placing his hands on the nylon clad legs, spreading them wide to gain access. His hands felt the cock in the panties and rubbed it to elicit a moan from his lover.


Rationally, this was not his character – he was not gay – at least not in his mind but at this moment, he felt like it was the perfect thing to do. He pulled the panties aside so he had access to the cock before him without taking them off his lover. Opening his mouth, the cock sprung free and he took it in as quickly as he could.


Watching his cock pop free and immediately disappear into a hot mouth was incredible. Unlike how he had sucked on cock, this was urgent, as if to attack. The sucking was intense and deep. He was caught off guard and found himself moaning – with a femme sound – much like a whimper rather than a mans moan. Quickly he found himself in rhythm with the sucking. His hand on the back of his lovers head, his hips rocking in sync, he was literally fucking a mans face.


It was amazing how easy he found sucking. His desire had caused him to go after the cock like a cock hungry sissy slut. He was sucking on it hard and fast and taking it surprisingly deep – as if he was meant to do it.


The sucking was fast and deep – the most erotic feelings the two men had ever felt. The reward was the reciprocal orgasm which was already close.


He had wished he could last longer but he also wanted to cum in the worst way. His cock was no match for the hard sucking it was subjected too. For the first time in his life, he came literally by surprise. He had no warning – he thought he was close but not this close and he cried out with a shriek as his cock exploded.


The blast filled his mouth and he moaned deeply as he greedily sucked it all up. It was the most amazing feeling, bringing a man off with your mouth. He felt so good, like a sissy should when doing his job. He sucked it dry just as his had been moments earlier.


This time, they both nearly collapsed as they had finally been drained of the sexual energy they had brought to the room.


Lying back on the bed, he looked up at the ceiling….wondering what was to happen next. Was he expected to go back to his “normal” life, his wife and his family? Was this a secret that he would be forced to continue to keep? As he thought about this, his lover got up from the floor and joined him on the bed. With a surprise, the other lay on top of him and kissed him deeply on the mouth. Tongues met and they made out with a long kiss.


Finally breaking the kiss, they looked at each other with a long silent stare and slowly growing smiles on each of their faces. They kissed again – though they had agreed that they would not kiss – breaking down the walls that they had agreed on.


The End