It's strange how even the most momentous days begin in such a normal way. That Friday morning - when Richard Fielding's life was about to be turned upside down - started with the usual cup of coffee in bed and a long stretch before he forced himself to join the jostling queue for the bathroom, behind little sister Anna and older sister Trish. He hated getting up for work at any time, but he had to get out of bed even earlier this morning because of his ridiculous insistence on volunteering for a special job, when his workmates had warned him to keep quiet and never volunteer for anything. It was the special bonus payment which had attracted him, together with the prospect of taking a day out of the Accounts Department where he had worked for two years. Twenty years old, and going nowhere fast! The thought was depressing, but at least by volunteering for the special project by the large scientific research company he worked for, he stood the chance of getting himself noticed. Who could tell, it might even give him the chance of promotion... Breakfast was the usual state of chaos when Richard sat down at the table. Anna spent more time reading her comic book than eating, while Trish was busy fussing with her hair and make-up and trying to drink a cup of black coffee at the same time. Trish was only one year older than Richard, and there had always been an uneasy truce between them, brought about by the usual brother/sister rivalries. Richard teased her endlessly about her preoccupation with clothes and her looks. Their father had died some years before, and their mother believed that it was the responsibility of the girls to perform the domestic chores, which caused a lot of resentment on Trish's part but allowed Richard to get one up on her. "Come on, you lot. It's time you were all leaving." Richard's mother performed the same ritual of trying to get them to work or school on time every morning, but always with the same lack of success. Richard looked at her, and could still see why she was considered a beauty in her day. She was definitely looking tired lately, he thought - not having Dad to take charge was beginning to take its toll.
    Richard finished his toast and coffee and gave Mum a kiss on the cheek before leaving for work. She gave him a smile, telling him to make sure he paid attention during his special project. Trish just gave him a look of slight animosity while Anna carried on reading her comic, completely unaware of the surrounding activity. As he was leaving the house, a sudden premonition hit Richard. He had the distinct feeling that he would never see his family again, at least not as he had seen them that morning. He shrugged to himself, and made his way to Scientific Exploration Plc. It felt strange going to the imposing Experimental Research section rather than the usual maze of offices where he normally worked. He was welcomed at Security by a rather attractive receptionist and led through the clinical white corridors to a large, bare room. At least it was bare in terms of having no furniture, although in the middle of the room there was a metallic, windowless capsule. At the far end of the room, a group of "boffins" were grouped around an amazing array of computer terminals. They turned around as Richard entered the room, almost as if he was a new specimen of rabbit they had brought in for tests. One of the scientists approached Richard and shook his hand. "Good morning, Richard. I am Doctor Sandiford. You must excuse us if we seem a trifle preoccupied today but what we are planning to do is revolutionary. You have been chosen from a number of volunteers because you possess the mental and physical resilience to go on one of the greatest voyages of discovery Man has ever known. You will be travelling through time!" Richard took a deep breath and tried to take in the enormity of what he had just been told. "But wha... I mean... well just HOW are you going to do that?" was all he could stammer. Dr Sandford smiled patiently. "Let me explain. We are going to put you in that capsule and place gadgets that will convert all your memory and thoughts into a form of digital wave frequency. These can be directed faster than the speed of light until they actually travel back in time. Meanwhile, we have to fix the co-ordinates of a suitable receptacle - that is, a lifeless body which is still capable of brain reactivation - to store your thoughts and memory. So you will think like you do now but, for a short time it will be in somebody else's body. We have a suitable person in mind - a young man about your age. He's in a coma at the moment but is otherwise functioning perfectly normally. And you - or rather your mind - will be transported back to 1958." Richard gasped aloud and involuntarily took a step back. He wouldn't do it - it was dangerous and weird. Dr Sandiford seemed to read his thoughts. "We know how you must feel but we must do this experiment today. The company will pay you twenty thousand pounds in recognition of the risks you take and that's apart from the vast amounts of money you can make from the newspapers and television if you want to sell your story. And I promise...it's absolutely foolproof." That was all the persuasion Richard needed. "OK, when do we start?" Dr Sandford smiled. "Straight away, young man."
    Richard remembered very little about what followed. He was led to the capsule and eased himself inside. Gadgets were placed on his head and he felt tiny pinpricks as the needles, electrodes, or whatever entered his brain. He had the strangest feeling that his thoughts and feelings were slipping through his body and into the air around him. Then... blackness. Perhaps it was just as well that Richard could not know what was happening back in the laboratory which his mental being had just left. Everything went smoothly to begin with and it would have been hard to detect, from the quiet air of calm and confidence, that a revolutionary experiment in time travel was taking place at all. It was only when the digitalised version of Richard's conscious "self" was due to be deposited into the body of the unfortunate coma victim that disaster struck. The first sign came when one of the scientists suddenly shouted out. "Dr Sandford! Over here...quickly...we have a problem." All faces turned to him. "What is it?" asked Dr Sandford, rushing over. "The boy, the one we're planning the subject in. His body has just died, three minutes before our calculations. If we don't find a suitable alternative soon we'll lose the trace!" "Computer scan. We have to find a body which is in a coma state, in the same location but still alive at exactly 3.31am on 8th October, 1958." The computer keyboard was rapidly tapped until a report came up. SUBJECT:SUSAN RADLEY BORN:10.02.1939 MEDICAL STATE:COMA FOLLOWING CAR CRASH.ALL PHYSICAL INJURIES HEALED AS AT 3.31AM 08.10.58 Sandford looked at his colleagues. "It's our only chance, otherwise we'll lose him. Input the co-ordinates. He won't be the first person to go to sleep a man and wake up a woman...but he'll be the first to have experienced the change so suddenly." The female assistant tapped the keyboard again. It was done! Consciousness came very slowly to Richard, in the early hours of that October morning, ten years before he had ever been born. For a long time he was vaguely aware that he was in a bed which was not his own but he lay still, eyes barely open, trying to remember how he got there. As he recovered his senses, he began to notice that he was in a hospital. He felt very stiff, as if he had been lying in one position for too long but he could not feel any reason why he should be in a hospital bed. Something caught his attention. A lock of blonde hair had fallen across his line of sight. But he had short, brown hair... didn't he?
    He held up his arm. It felt light, and when he stared at it he could see why. It was a girl's arm, soft and completely lacking in hair or muscle, with a beautifully shaped and manicured hand. That same hand instinctively moved up to feel his face. It was soft to the touch, almost like velvet, and there was no trace of his usual stubble. Panic gripped him as the realisation of where he had come from and what had happened began to dawn on his scrambled brain cells. They had landed him in 1958 all right...but as a bloody girl!!! He struggled to a sitting position in bed, feeling the strange sensation of his long blonde hair tumbling into his face. Looking down, he immediately noticed the perfectly proportioned breasts only partially covered by the revealing nightgown. He looked at them in a daze. He had always been turned on by breasts on a girl but here he was staring at his own... Hesitantly, he touched them, first of all brushing the nipples with the tips of his fingers and eventually using both hands to rub and fondle them into different shapes. Even in his state of confusion he was aware that a warm, tingling sensation accompanied such actions. The nightgown was the next thing he noticed. It was made of pink satin and was low-cut, held up by two delicate straps. He felt embarrassed wearing it but realised that, short of complete nakedness, he had no alternative. It was cool and light and yet he felt trapped inside it, as if it was a second skin. He slowly held up the bedsheets and gazed at the rest of his new-found body. He could tell that, under the flimsy nightgown, he had a slim girlish figure. His waist was thin but his hips were curved, and his legs were firm yet completely feminine. He noticed all this with a curious mixture of despair and pride. He suddenly realised that under the nightie the most essential part of his masculinity would be gone. He raised the hem of the nightdress delicately and stared at the space between his legs... The loss of his male member produced the strangest effect on him. It seemed to unleash all the girlish emotions which were still locked in Susan Radley's coma-stricken mind and jumble them up with his thoughts and memories. He was still Richard Fielding... but his head was filled with feelings of vulnerability and sensitivity which only a girl could possess. He lay down and cried himself to sleep. It was not long before the grey light of dawn replaced the controlled darkness of night in the ward. Richard had stopped crying but was still emitting little muffled sobs every now and then. Footsteps echoed on the linoleum floor and he turned around to be confronted by a rather pretty nurse who was more shocked than he. "Thank God you've come out of it. Matron. MATRON!" She ran out of the room to fetch her superior. More footsteps approached The matron entered, a stern looking woman with a brisk, efficient manner. She smiled weakly when she saw her patient fully awake. "Ah, Miss Radley. You had us worried for a long time there. How do you feel?" Richard felt a sudden urge to shout out that he was not Miss bloody Radley but he knew it would sound ridiculous, coming from the body of the girl herself. He decided it would be best to play along with things, at least until those idiots at the Research Department could get him out of this mess. "I feel pretty good, thank you. I..." Richard hesitated. That voice! Surely it couldn't be him speaking? It sounded so soft and feminine and when he spoke it resonated around the roof of his mouth, rather than the usual throaty feeling. "That's all right dear," said Matron. "Try not to overdo it. You've had a very tough time. I'll send a doctor to see you later. Meantime, you try to rest." As she was speaking, she fussed around with the pillows and bedclothes, totally unaware that the young girl she was gently rearranging had the thoughts and memories of a man. As they left the room, the pretty nurse gave a sympathetic smile. Richard smiled back, aware that any longings he might have would have to be suppressed. He was a girl for the time being - and he had better act the part...
    Alone again, Richard paid more attention to his surroundings. He was in a private cubicle which was sparsely decorated and rather small. He could hear the voices of people awakening in the general ward outside and he guessed he was in a women's ward. He stumbled out of bed and, despite the throbbing in his head, experienced a strange, tingling sensation as the cold folds of the nightgown settled around his bare legs. He placed his head round the entrance to the cubicle and looked at the rows of women in the ward. The lady nearest to him, middle-aged and sporting curlers, greeted him. "Hello, dear. Glad to see you're in the land of the living. My, you're a pretty little thing. Have you got a boyfriend then?" The sudden realisation that he might have to cope with a boyfriend caused a simultaneous feeling of faintness and panic. "Er...I... I can't remember." Again that soft gentle voice surprised him. He also realised he was blushing and standing in a very feminine, shy way. "Don't you worry about me embarrassing you. I just like to stick my nose in. I'm glad you've recovered, anyway. You're too lovely looking to go so young." Again Richard was conscious of a blush reddening his girlish cheeks as he smiled and returned to his bed. The rest of the morning went by quickly. The doctor came round to examine his newly-recovered patient and Richard felt a strong feeling of shyness when he was examined around the breasts and under his nightie. When he was pronounced fit, his mother was sent for. She was overjoyed to see the person she thought was her daughter and Richard had to feign amnesia to make sure she had no doubts about his real identity. She seemed a nice enough person and the last thing Richard wanted was to upset her or build her hopes too high. After several days under observation, the doctor eventually pronounced the body of Susan Radley (and the mind of Richard Fielding) fully fit and able to return to "normal" life. Mrs Radley came to the hospital with a suitcase full of clothes and Richard suddenly realised what this meant. He would have to live in the outside world as a girl - at least until his mind was transported back to his own time. Noticing the embarrassment of her supposed daughter, Mrs Radley left the clothes in the cubicle and went to talk to the staff nurse. Richard opened the case with trembling fingers and took out the clothes one by one. There was a full-skirted floral print dress, richly coloured in pinks and blues. There was a whole array of lacy, feminine underwear which felt soft and cool to the touch. The stockings felt particularly flimsy and caused Richard to shiver. He looked at the six-inch stilettos with some trepidation - how on earth would he be able to walk in them? He decided he had better start to get ready before his "mother" returned.
    Richard picked up the full-laced panties and slowly put them on. They tickled his thighs but did not seem so bad once they were in position. He decided to try the bra next. He remembered how his girl-friends used to put them on, never thinking he would one day be mimicking their actions. He fastened the straps and then moved the cups to the front before placing his breasts in them. He gasped as he did this, realising how captive this made him feel in his new role. The bra was white cotton with pink rosebud motifs, heavily-boned in the fashion of the day. Although it felt strange and uncomfortable at first, Richard could not help but notice how well-accentuated was the shape of his breasts (he had started to think of them as HIS breasts). The stockings came next. Mrs Radley had chosen a pair of light tan silk stockings which Richard had to handle very delicately to avoid laddering. Again he tried to cast his mind back to visions of his ex- girlfriends dressing. Unfortunately, few of them had worn stockings so he had to improvise. He fastened the suspenders and placed the straps through the panties. He tried just putting the stockings on as he would a pair of socks, but soon realised that would never work. An inner sense seemed to tell him to roll them to the end, place them on his toes and then roll them up his hairless legs. While doing this he felt a real thrill as the soft, cool material caressed the skin. He was actually enjoying the experience of dressing, as though the spirit of the girl whose body he had taken over was taking over his mind! He handled the crisp, frothy petticoats with a mounting sense of excitement. He daintily stepped into the folds of taffeta and placed the prettily-laced material around his waist. The tickling sensation around his thighs, on the exposed flesh between the panties and the stockings, was truly delightful. He swayed his hips, as if to some unheard music and watched the swish of the petticoats around his shapely legs. Finally, the dress. The cotton material felt quite stiff, and Richard held it up in front of him with a certain amount of trepidation. This felt like the final act, complete acquiescence in his new role. There would be no going back once he was completely and utterly dressed as Susan Radley... and yet he knew there was little choice. He could not parade around in his underwear and, in 1958, a girl in boy's clothes was unheard of. He would have to live out the role until he could "escape" back to the future, when things would be back to normal - if anything could be back to normal after an experience like this... He unzipped the dress and then, gathering his petticoats around him, stepped into it's firm confines. He let the petticoats go, to flutter back to their original position and then placed his arms into the sleeves. Suddenly he realised - he could not reach behind to zip himself up. Fortunately, Mrs Radley walked into the cubicle at that moment and, seeing the dilemna her "daughter" was in, zipped the dress into place. A feeling of vulnerability and helplessness flooded over Richard at this point - being zipped into the confinements of the dress was a strange sensation... but not a particularly unpleasurable one. The high heels came next. They were white court shoes, with a particularly high stiletto heel, which Richard felt sure would be impossible to walk in. He squeezed his tiny feet into the shoes and walked round the bed. He expected to totter, but the natural sway of his girlish hips and the loose way he was walking helped his balance enormously - the shoes felt quite natural to wear, although he had to take much daintier steps in them. He minced across to where Mrs Radley was standing, as if to say "How do I look?" She smiled at the sight of her daughter, so prettily dressed and ready to face the world again. She produced a pink hair ribbon from her bag, tied Richard's hair into a cute pony-tail and then placed the merest hint of blusher on his cheeks and lipstick on his lips. She then gently led Richard towards the mirror in Matron's adjoining office. The effect of seeing the reflection of a very pretty, feminine young girl staring back from the mirror was too much for Richard. He felt more trapped than ever in this strange body and felt more than ever that the girlish emotions which would be so much a part of that body were beginning to take over. His breath began to quicken and his heart was fluttering. He felt his little hands involuntarily clasp over his rising breast and his knees begin to go weak. Before he really knew what was happening to him he had fainted.
    When he came round Richard found himself lying on the sofa in a very homely, comfortable living room. He thought it looked a little old fashioned until he remembered that he was still in the year 1958 and he was still Susan Radley. He struggled to sit up and his long blonde hair tumbled down across his face. He brushed it back and noticed Mrs Radley across the room. "Did I faint?" he asked, in a tremulous voice. "Yes, dear. I think the thought of coming home proved a bit much for you. The hospital wanted you to stay on for observation but I was determined to bring you home. It's been a bit lonely for me since your father died." Richard felt a wave of relief - at least there was no other parent to try to deceive - but he immediately hated himself for thinking such uncharitable thoughts. "Oh, by the way darling, Pam and Linda are coming round to see you later." Noticing the puzzled look on her daughter's face, Mrs Radley reminded her that they were her two closest friends from the hairdresser's where they all worked. "Oh yes, Pam and Linda," said Richard, trying to sound enthusiastic but becoming more concerned at the growing number of people for whom he would have to pretend. The rest of the day went by in a daze. Richard felt able to walk around after a while and carried out his "daughterly" duties by helping with some light household chores. Although he never helped around the house as Richard Fielding, he got a certain sense of satisfaction from such domesticity, feeling quite natural washing and ironing. He had just finished making a pot of tea when the doorbell rang and he heard the chatter of female voices in the hallway. Suddenly, two teenaged girls came rushing into the kitchen and began excitedly to hug and kiss him, at the same time breathlessly asking how he felt and when he would be coming back to the salon. Richard tried to act the part and reciprocated their girlish excitement, promising to tell all when they were sitting down with a cup of tea in hand. The three girls sat and talked for hours. Fortunately, Pam and Linda assumed that "Susan" would be able to remember very little and managed to fill in her recent past for her. Without realising, Richard found himself sitting in a very girlish position, legs tucked under his slim body and petticoats tumbling over the side of the chair. He began to enjoy the girlish chatter and giggling remarks about different escapades they had been involved in. They discussed so many things - clothes, make-up, hairstyles, boys - which seemed so perfectly natural and yet Richard would have died if anybody had told him that he would be spending his time in such a way when he was back in "the present". Mrs Radley came in with a fresh pot of tea and smiled happily at the sight of her "daughter" so obviously back to her old self. The girls decided that "Susan" needed to be spruced up a bit, with nice clothes and make-up and they persuaded Mrs Radley that the three of them would go shopping on the coming Saturday. Richard felt a flutter of girlish anticipation at the thought of buying a feminine new outfit. Pam and Linda decided to push their luck with Mrs Radley a little further, and persuade her to let Susan go to the dance with them on Saturday night. At first she was adament that her daughter would not be nearly well enough but, noticing the look of eagerness on Susan's face, she relented on condition that she prove herself able to cope with a shopping expedition first. Richard could not believe what was happening - going to a dance in a brand new feminine outfit - and he was looking forward to it. The rest of the week went by in a whirl and, as each day went by, Richard grew more and more accustomed to his new role. The household chores gave him a real sense of satisfaction and he felt himself fulfilling his duties, such as washing and ironing, cooking and cleaning with a sense of enthusiasm. But it was the feelings of softness and vulnerability, the sensual trappings of being a girl which he enjoyed the most. He loved the feeling of dressing in silky, shimmering lingerie, allowing the satin, lacy material to caress his skin before daintily stepping into the crisp, rustling petticoats and stiff, flaring dresses which showed off his delicate legs to their best effect. Occasionally he would sit at the dressing table, lost in a labyrinth of female emotions as Mrs Radley would slowly brush his long, blonde hair, over and over, before tying it into a cute ponytail with a pink ribbon.
    Finally, Saturday morning arrived and Richard awoke, excited at the thought of his first venture out of the house. He skipped to the wardrobe, determined to select the most flattering daywear he could find. He stepped into a pair of dainty French knickers, white satin with intricate lacing. He placed the matching white satin bra around his firm, rounded breasts and gasped with a feeling of pure submission as he clasped the strap at the back. He placed himself inside the seductive prison of the fluttering white petticoats and then surveyed the rack of dresses of the absolutely perfect outfit to wear. He picked out a white dress with a bold, pink rosebud pattern. The dress was short-sleeved and the bodice was uncomfortably restricted but the skirt flared out dramatically, settling over the profusion of petticoats underneath. As he wriggled into the tight bodice, the doorbell rang and Richard heaved a sigh of relief as Linda came into the room to zip him up at the back. As the zip reached the top, he felt pleasantly trapped in the confines of the dress, swirling round to show off his legs before the crisp petticoats rustled back into place. He placed a pair of cute, white bobby socks on his feet, followed by a pair of white stilettos, unbearably uncomfortable but worth the suffering for the beautiful shape they gave to his slight legs, before they disappeared into the mass of lace above. The shopping trip was delightful. Walking arm in arm, the three girls received many admiring stares and more than a few wolf whistles from passing groups of boys. Richard giggled with Pam and Linda, enjoying the feeling of the cool breeze on his bare legs and the rustle of the petticoats when sudden gusts of wind lifted them slightly, followed by the tickling sensation as they settled back into place. They visited every clothes shop in town, trying on a selection of skirts and blouses, dresses and hats. Passing a rather expensive looking dress shop which Richard remembered as a video store in his own time - the girls suddenly stopped and gasped enviously at one of the dress shops on display. It was deep red satin, with bare shoulders and a sculpted bodice. The skirt flared out in several layers with a touch of lace at each level. It had a scalloped edging at the hem, to reveal the merest glimpse of the sewn-in matching red net petticoat. The price seemed too expensive to Pam and Linda at fourteen guineas but they persuaded "Susan" to try it on, on condition that if it looked as wonderful when she was wearing it they would help her pay for it as a "Get Well" present. Richard needed no further prompting and entered the shop. He was almost breathless as he placed himself inside the cool material and shivered, not just from the fact that his soft, feminine shoulders were completely exposed. The dress seemed to become a part of him and further emphasised his essential femininity. He could hardly contain his excitement as he walked regally out of the changing room, to be met by gasps of admiration from Pam, Linda and every other customer in the shop. Pam had tears in her eyes as she whispered: "Seeing you look so radiant, it's so hard to believe we might never have seen you again." Her words reminded Richard who he was and how tenuous was his hold on his new life but he tried to banish such thoughts from his mind, determined to enjoy the girlish emotions he was experiencing. Once bought, the dress dictated the rest of the morning's purchases. A pair of matching red stiletto shoes were added, the six inch heels proving extremely difficult to walk in but worth it for the more pronounced shape they gave his legs. Deep red lingerie proved hard to find but they finally managed to obtain a pair of delicately-laced cami-knickers with a matching bra. The final purchase, a pair of sheer, seamed black silk stockings made Richard clasp his little hands in delight at the thought of wearing them. The girls also bought some accessories for themselves.
    Shopping completed, the three young girls went to the local coffee bar for a well-earned "cuppa" before going home. As they swapped oohs and aahs over their outfits for the evening, a group of boys passed the booth. They stopped to chat and Richard could not help but let his attention stray to one of them, a fresh-faced boy with dark, combed-back hair and a leather jacket. The boy smiled and said: "Hi, Suzie, it's great to see you back again. We were worried about you." Richard was completely unprepared for the hot flushes and fluttering sensation in his heart. He blushed and tried to look away but Pam immediately took on the role of match-maker. "Hi, Tony. We were just saying, it looks like Susan's mum is going to let her come to the dance tonight. It's such a pity she won't have anybody to look after her properly when she gets there." Richard wished the ground would open up and swallow him. Pam and Linda just giggled, even more so when Tony took hold of Richard's hand and said: "I'd love to take you Susan. Will you let me pick you up this evening?" Richard was so confused. On the one hand, he was dimly aware that really he was also a boy and should say "no". On the other, he wanted to be swept off his feet by this attractive boy, to feel as only a girl can on being taken out on her first date. In the end, his decision was made for him. "Of course it will be all right. I'm sure it would ease her mum's worries if she knew that Susan was being well looked after. She'll be ready by eight, we'll see to that!" said Linda decisively. Richard felt that he ought to protest but instead he lowered his long eyelashes in girlish modesty. Before Richard knew it, evening arrived and it was time to start getting ready. This time, Pam and Linda were present to make sure their charge was punctual for Tony's visit. They laid all the lingerie on the bed while Richard soaked in a hot, scented bath. As he placed himself in the cool, seductive underwear, they fussed with his hair and fastened him into the bra. Still in his underwear, they seated him at the dressing table and told him to close his eyes. As he relaxed, they made him up - foundation, rouge, eye make-up and lipstick - and completely re-arranged his long blonde hair, raising it to show off his slender neck and delicate facial features. When Richard opened his eyes, he almost fainted! Surely he could not be inside such a beautiful, feminine body! They had made him look absolutely divine. The dress was next and Richard knew, even before he stepped into it, that it would complete the look perfectly. He was right. Mrs Radley walked into the bedroom and gasped at the sight of her gorgeous daughter looking so radiant and happy. All four of them hugged and fussed around each other, until their feminine chatter was stopped by the sound of the doorbell. Richard could hear Mrs Radley letting Tony in and his heart began to pound.
    Like all young girls on their first date with a boy, all the usual "what if...?" questions began to raise themselves. He placed his dainty feet inside the red shoes and minced down the stairs. Tony stood as "she" entered the room and Richard was pleased that all the primping and preening had been to good effect. Tony was virtually speechless at the sight of the beautiful young girl he was taking out. Pam placed a red velvet jacket over "Susan's" slim shoulders and, placing her arm in Tony's, they all left for the dance. At first, Richard was a little nervous when they arrived at the local Palais. The rock 'n' roll music was quite loud and he was used to being one of the boys in this sort of environment. Instead, here he was, standing with a group of chattering girls, fussing over hair and make-up, while the boys were getting the drinks and fooling around. Before long, however, he was into the swing of things and even allowed himself a couple of dances, twisting and twirling to the Jive and trying to remember the female parts. Soon, the band were playing a slow, seductive version of "Blue Moon" and Susan found herself in Tony's arms, swaying softly to the music and enjoying every feminine, sensual moment of her life as a girl. The figure-hugging dress, the undulating breasts, the soft, tickling sensation of the frilly petticoats, the smooth tautness of the silk stockings. This moment could never end! But the dreamy feeling became all too real. Suddenly Richard was aware of the lights blurring, the sound of the music fading and the floor moving from under him. He was being transported back to the present! Oh no, not now! He couldn't lose this feeling! But it was too late and he knew it. He could hear the anguised cry of Tony, begging his beautiful "Susan" to wake up, before his mind became a complete blank. Consciousness came slowly and not particularly easily. As his eyes fluttered open, he realised that Susan Radley had gone and Richard Fielding's mind was back in Richard Fielding's body. It was the present all right - there was the machines surrounding him and there were the scientists gazing at their subject. He felt a deep regret for his lost femininity. He moved his head suddenly, to try and look around the lab. The sudden movement caused a lock of long, blonde hair to come tumbling down across his eyes. Surely...it couldn't be...! He looked down his body, and saw the firm round breasts encased in the deep, red taffeta, the slim, curvy hips and the shapely legs. It was true! Somehow, they had transported him back - but still encased in Susan's body!