He To She Full Body Transformer




He to She Full Body Transformer

Our Ultimate Transforming Silicone Complete He to She Full Body Transformer is handmade and has to be seen to be believed.

Giving you an Instant male to female transformation. If you put it on and look in the mirror you will see a beautiful naked woman staring back at you.

This full female silicone body suit, is realistic and authentic. Giving you amazing, life like flesh, feeling silky smooth Skin, perfect full jiggly Breasts and nipples, shapely fuller Bottom and essential realistic Vagina with soft outer lips with stimulating clitoris and Anus.

With a secret silicone sheath to insert your penis into plus extra sheath to allow for sex play. Allowing you to pee as a woman and enjoy penetrable sex.

Forget about your age, your male shape and male body hair. When you put on our He to She Full Body Transformer, you will look in wonderment at the gorgeously proportioned woman of your dreams staring back at you. Days of skilled work goes into producing each one individually and painstakingly by hand.

Made in high Medical grade Silicone, with super silicone elasticity, this transformer is suitable for a wide range of body shapes, the perfect investment for a lifetime of instant male to female transformation.

One size only.

A brand new addition to our amazing silicone breasts range, for crossdressers, trannies, trans girls and drag

Limited stocks.

RRP £1499 Introductory price £799