When you commence hormone treatment you start on a journey that will take you to the part of the feminine spectrum you desire be it breast enhancement, nipple augmentation or a full transition to a female hourglass figure with softer skin and the removal of male facial and body hair. A minority will wish to progress all the way and undergo gender reassignment which involves the removal of the penis and testes and the creation of a vagina whilst the majority want to feminise their body to a greater or lesser extent. It is important to note that female hormones have a profound positive effect on self-esteem and bring an inner peace as body and brain become more aligned. Before puberty, apart from genitalia there is very little difference between the genders. Genetic females at puberty respond to the surge in female hormones by developing breasts, broadening of thighs and a general softening and rounding resulting in the classical hourglass shape and the onset of periods. Males undergo profound changes at puberty when the release of testosterone and other androgens cause the voice to deepen, development of stronger muscles and growth of male pattern facial and body hair. At this stage a male is capable of penile erections and sperm production. Introducing estrogen and associated endocrine female hormones into the body (also know as oestrogen) to a post-puberty male allow them to react with cells that contain specific receptors and institute the feminisation process. It is vital to lower your levels of androgens (male hormones) to facilitate the process. Every individual reacts differently to feminising hormones just as genetic females do, some grow small breasts some large in a process that can take anything up to 4 years to complete so patience and dedication in continuing feminizing hormone therapy is essential. We offer male-to-female transforming hormones in a variety of strengths and delivery options, so that they are both affordable, effective and safe no matter what your age or financial position. The stronger the hormone, the faster development and unfortunately the higher the price but the one golden rule is that no feminising hormone will be effective unless you take an androgen suppressant (anti-androgen) alongside it. Doctor Temperli is a leading endocrinologist (hormone specialist) and advises centres of excellence re hormone therapy and it is he who heads up our research & development developing ever more efficient male-to-female hormones delivery systems. Although estrogen is the primary female hormone we do incorporate various forms of estradiol including micronized estdradiol, estradial acetate, conjugated estrogens, esterified estrogens. ethinyl etc. Doctor Temperli has worked with our founder, Stephanie Anne Lloyd who was one of the UK's first transsexuals to undergo male-to-female reassignment surgery before which she received 3-years of feminising hormone treatment. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM FEMALE HORMONE TREATMENT Results vary by individual and also are related to the strength of the female hormones and androgen suppressants taken but the following will be experiences in stages •The outer layer of skin will become softer with smaller pore size •The smell of perspiration will become less acrid and more musky •A sense of self-contentment will develop •Mood swings will occur •Male facial and body hair will transition over time (especially if transdermal treatments are added) to become 'vellus' fine feminine growth •Swelling of the breast will start to become apparent •Nipples will become increasingly sensitised and milk ducts will start to form (as treatment continues some milky discharge is normal) •Nipples will begin to darken and become proportionate to the developing breasts •Buttocks will round out and waist shrink as subcutaneous fat is developed and distributed as an hourglass shape become defined. This is usually around the 2 year treatment stage •A secondary mound will develop on the developing breast area •Full development occurs between the third and fourth year of hormone therapy at which stage the secondary breast mound disappears leaving a fully filled out pair of female breasts with the areola recessed with only the nipples projecting •At this stage you only require a low maintenance dose of female hormones and androgen suppressants and those few that want reassignment surgery can proceed •Although involuntary erections will decrease, voluntary erections are unaffected THOSE WHO SHOULD SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE BEFORE TREATMENT Today's modern hormones are exceedingly safe to take at any age but it is wise to seek a medical opinion if you have a history of blood clots as estrogen (oestrogen) does increase the risk. If you are going on long haul flights it is wise to take a 75mg aspirin for a week before departure which will assist in thinning your blood. Those undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy as part of cancer treatment should seek specialist advice. Stephanie Anne Lloyd has taken female hormones and androgen suppressant since 1980 and at 69 years of age is still active and in good health. CONFIDENTIALITY Your details should you engage with us will be held in a secure database preventing any hacking or unauthorised access. All deliveries are sent securely packaged with no indication of what the parcel contains and only the words 'Sercus Ltd.' will appear on your credit card statements. WHY US? We are the sole supplier of genuine approved female hormone treatments which have been rigorously tested and approved as safe and effective. Transformation is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1984 with over 30 years experience and have held the licence for distribution of this unique hormone range for over 30 years. Our transsexual founder fortunately married a supermarket multi-millionaire who has funded much of our research for over 30 years allowing us to offer these exclusive hormone treatments at an affordable price We give you an absolute 100% money back guarantee on anything and everything you purchase. Other companies may offer 'mammary gland' products supplied by American & European companies as most are made in China, completely ineffective and may contain ingredients that are known cacogenics We offer free advice regarding all aspects of transgender issues from the legality of crossdressing in public, employment law and the changing of legal documents (passport, drivers licence etc) with a customer support team available by phone - +44 (0)161 773 4477 or email between 8am & 5pm GMT on weekdays.