A Novelette – Teenage Tearaway Tamed (Part Two)

A Novelette

In Part One, Steve was a young football hooligan from a children’s home. But when he went to live with Jill, a childless widow, it all changed and Steve was transformed into a beautiful girl called Samantha…

Samantha awoke feeling the luxury of her satin negligee around her, the soft feminine comfort of her knickers. It was hard to believe that this was not some fantasy. She climbed out of bed and slid out of the negligee, letting it slide into a heap at her feet. She ran her hands through her hair and then put on her wrap and went to the bathroom.

Jill was surprised to find that while Samantha’s efforts at dressing and make-up were not expert, they were passable. On the journey to town she could feel Samantha go tense. She realised what an ordeal this would be for her. It was with some reluctance that Samantha climbed out of the car – she was rigid with fear. Gone was the boy full of bravado and fight, here was a rather innocent and insecure-looking girl.

“You may find that boys and dirty old men give you lingering looks,” Jill warned. “You either ignore them or give a look of contempt. Some eyes will undress you, thinking of the feminine charms that lie concealed. Female looks will vary between interest, jealousy or contempt.”

Samantha stepped daintily alongside Jill, who smiled at the small, feminine steps. “You may be embarrassed at choosing girls things so if you don’t show a preference I’ll do it for you.” said Jill.

“What do I need?” whispered Samantha.

“Two skirts, a couple of blouses, a casual dress, an evening dress, another pair of shoes, jewellery. Perhaps a suspender belt, stockings and tights. A handbag to match the dress.”

Two hours later everything had been chosen except the evening dress. Jill saw the one that would suit Samantha – it was electric blue taffeta with a tight bodice and could be worn strapless. The ruffles around the top of the bodice did a lot to hide the plunging neckline, and the long shapely skirt would ensure that Samantha’s steps remained short and dainty.”You must try it on, Samantha” said Jill.

The assistant turned to Jill. “Your daughter?” she asked. “No.” replied Jill.

“A most beautiful girl. Is she in the modelling business by any chance?”

“No, she’s training to be a secretary” replied Jill with a slight smile.

Suddenly the assistant turned away: “I’ll just go and see how she’s getting on in the changing room…”



Before Jill could stop the woman she was in the changing room. Samantha was bent down, just beginning to pull the dress up. The assistant had a complete view of the bra cups filled with tissues and the truth hit her immediately.

“I would suggest madame wear a waist-clincher with this dress, it would give a more feminine definition to the figure. We have just the thing…” she said, an amused glint in her eyes.

In no time she was back with the waist clincher, which she pulled so tight that Samantha nearly screamed. “The things us girls do to look lovely!” smiled the assistant.

Jill loved the result and bought matching gloves and a clutch bag. She insisted that Samantha leave the waist clincher on. She had spent a fortune but she could afford it – and she was gratified that Samantha had thanked her so profusely.

They did not venture out for the next week. Jill was a hard task-master and made Samantha learn the more feminine skills, She was intrigued at how Samantha fell day by day into more girlish attitudes and gestures. Jill finally suggested that Samantha go for a walk on her own. Samantha kept coming up with reasons why she should not, but Jill insisted, so she dressed in a floral print dress, belted at the waist, with stockings and high heels. She put on a cashmere jacket that Jill had lent her on account of the chilly air.

Samantha breathed deeply and sighed. She loved her vulnerability, the feel of the breeze between her legs, and she passed one or two boys who seemed to eye her appreciatively. She found a bench in the local park, spread her skirt and petticoats beneath her and sat in what she hoped was a totally feminine fashion. It was nice to sit in the early morning and just reflect on things. For the first time in her life she was her own person, she had to impress nobody, and she could be open with her feelings. Already she was realising that Steve was emotionally crippled, that all his life he’d had to compete for any love or care.

For Samantha it was very different. She looked at things that Steve never dared to see – the beauty of the flowers and birds. She was more responsible and sensible than Steve, the pushy tactics that he used, along with the swagger and hard-boy act, were gone.



Jill sat at her desk and opened her diary, beginning to write.

“The change in Steve is stunning since he’s taken on the feminine trappings of Samantha. Not only has he adapted to the role almost as if born to it, but seems a happier person in himself. Life is so much easier with Samantha. What I feared at first to be an unsavoury mission has turned out to be the most fantastic voyage of discovery. Perhaps more boys should be treated this way. I have seen a caterpillar change into a chrysalis and from there into one of the loveliest butterflies. It is time the butterfly was shown to the world.”

During the next week Jill became decidedly more dominant, forcing Samantha to take on an even more submissive role. She worked on Samantha’s deportment, gestures, speech and eating habits. Every little unfeminine movement was criticised. She was amazed at how the once-forbidding Steve gave ground as Samantha.

Jill smiled at the little pouts and demure looks. They were so natural that Samantha did not even realise she was making them. She even watched her burst into tears of frustration over the typewriter.

Jill decided to ask Trevor Jones, her literary agent, and his wife Janice to eat with them at a favourite restaurant.

When the day came, Samantha was full of nervous excitement as Jill helped her fasten the waist clincher. She padded the bra and rolled the black lace stockings up her smooth legs and fastened them into position. The long silk slip slid over her, clinging sexily to her snow white body.

She then fastened herself into her blue satin dress and slipped on the high heels. Sitting by her dressing table, she moisturised her face and put on a light layer of foundation. She used a black eye pencil to fill in the inner rim of her eyes, and delicately blushed her cheeks. Looking at her brows, she took out her tweezers, and plucked and carefully arched them. Samantha fixed the false eyelashes into place and applied three layers of mascara. Her eyeshadow was delicately built in layers to give definition.

A soft shade of lipstick enhanced her feminine lips. Slowly, she teased and worked on her hair, taking a full hour to get it to the style she wanted. She removed the sleepers from her ears, and fitted large drop earrings. She slipped on the silver bracelets and pearl necklace.

Jill entered the room to the smell of nail varnish as Samantha applied her second layer. How quickly she had learned! Samantha sprayed herself with expensive perfume, put odds and ends into her clutch bag, slipped on her little white lace gloves and turned to look at Jill.

Jill took a deep breath; she felt the stirrings of trouble. Nothing was out of place, in fact Samantha looked perfect – too perfect. She was going to turn heads, there was no doubt about that. Jill helped Samantha on with the white stole she was lending her and they left by taxi for the restaurant.



Samantha was introduced as Jill’s niece, and the Joneses spoke kindly to her. Jill noticed that Trevor seemed intrigued by Samantha and that she seemed flattered by the attention.

Trevor had always been a ladies’ man and it was only down to Janice’s great love and forebearance that they were still married.

Samantha was now being swept off her feet by his glib talk, sharp humour, flashing eyes and handsome looks. Samantha was not experienced enough to know that Trevor’s talk and comments were the opening moves of seduction.

After the meal, the lights went down and soft music began to play, so Trevor wheeled Samantha onto the dance floor. Janice looked at Jill questioningly.

“If you’ll excuse me, when this dance is over I’ll take my niece for a quiet word” said Jill. Janice only nodded.

“The problem is, she has never met men like Trevor and thinks it’s all just innocent fun. She’s only sixteen and has so much to learn.”

Jill carried on making excuses in embarrassment as she watched the goings on on the dance floor. When the dance was over, Jill grabbed Samantha’s arm. “Talk time.” she whispered angrily.

They walked into the ladies and Jill was glad it was empty. She turned round to face Samantha and slapped her around the face.

“Listen to me young lady. I know this is a big night for you. Perhaps it’s the wine, perhaps it’s everything, but you are flirting with

Trevor, whether you realise it or not. I know you’re flattered by his attention and you’re responding because you want to see how far you can keep up the pretence, but Trevor isn’t playing. He’s my agent and I know him. In the next ten minutes he’ll start groping, then we’ll both be in trouble. Promise me it stops now or we go home.”

Samantha looked down at her shoes sulkily. “I’m sorry, it stops now.”

Steve’s four weeks of being a girl were now at an end, and Jill and Samantha faced each other in Jill’s living room.

“So, what happens now?” asked Jill.

“How do things stand with you?” asked Samantha, playing with her bracelet, not wanting to commit herself.

“For Steve there is a place at college doing mechanics and I think we could wangle enough money out of the social services to cover a bedsit. How long, though, would it be before Steve was in trouble again?”

Samantha only shrugged, still confused.

“For Samantha there would be a place here as long as she wanted it” Jill continued. “I’d like her to do a secretarial course at college, and as I know the instructor there’d be no embarrassment.”

Samantha looked down at her feet. “What would we tell Griffin, my social worker, if I stayed with you?”

“The truth.” replied Jill.



Later that evening, the social worker Jeffrey Griffin watched Jill walk into the bar, and they settled themselves into a quiet corner with their drinks.

“Now, what’s all this about?” Jeffrey asked.

Jill replied matter of factly: “For the last four weeks, your young tearaway football hooligan has been living as a girl.”

Jeffrey spluttered into his beer. “Jill! You could get me fired!” he cried in shock.

“It’s what he wanted. Don’t you understand? The hard man front was hiding a very beautiful person who felt he could only function in the role of a female. That,s why he was always in trouble, trying to show the world he was a man.”

Jeffrey was stunned into silence.

“Jeffrey, that’s the way Steve wants to stay. He’s now called Samantha, and is so beautiful and considerate, not at all like the boy you sent me.”

“So where exactly is ‘she’ going to live, and what is ‘she’ going to do for money?” he asked.

“She, as you put it, is going to live with me and go to college. She will pay her way by typing up manuscripts for my publishers.”

By the time Samantha arrived, Jeffrey had regained his composure. Watching the slim, well dressed girl coming towards them made him wish he was young again.

“Jeffrey, meet Samantha”

Jeffrey looked silently at the petite figure. Everything fell into place now, and he could sense Samantha’s nervousness.

“Sit down, would you like a drink?”

“Orange juice please”

Samantha felt the electric whisper of her nylons as they crossed. The sensual feel of her tedy against her bare skin. She loved the way the hem of her petticoat showed just beneath her skirt in thick white ruffles. Jill smiled gently, encouraging Samantha to speak.

“I’d like to have hormone treatment and breast implants but not for a while, not until I’m more sure of myself.”

Jeffrey watched Jill and Samantha leave, hardly able to believe that the beautiful girl was the former delinquent Steve. He shook his head and gathered up the empty glasses.

The End

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